About Us




Brand Vision 

Using plants to address intractable ailments

Brand Description

Inspired by botany used in herbal alleviation throughout the world, our experts aim to create unique blends by integrating modern practices with traditional remedies to relief and protect your daily discomfort.

Formulated in Sweden. Globally Sourced. Manufactured in Singapore.

Developed in Sweden 

Our development team of experts in botany, nutrition and medical science are based in Stockholm, a leading center for healthcare innovation. Our product is formulated to relief symptoms from modern illnesses

Inspired by Tradition

We are inspired by traditional herbal remedies and ingredients with a long history of documented use in Europe and in different parts of the world.

Integrated with Modern Practice 

We apply modern practices to integrate traditional and emerging herbs from different parts of the world to create blends that work best at what they are intended for.

Carefully Selected Ingredients 

All ingredients are carefully selected from all over the world and handled with utmost care as they head to our manufacturers.

Intensively Researched Ingredients 

All ingredients have been intensively researched and widely applied on well-known Journals such as British Journal of Nutrition, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Journal of agricultural and Food Chemistry and etc. 


Our Commitment to Product Quality 

  • Made in Singapore

  • GMP Certified manufacturers

  • Independent 3rd Part Safety Test